About Trapped Magazine

Trapped Merch is the official Merchandise for the UK's premier online Youth Lifestyle & Culture Magazine Trapped Magazine. 

Trapped Magazine has been informing, documenting and adding to popular culture since 2013. Our website trappedmagazine.com has been home to interviews, reviews, event recaps and all of the latest news, as well as the go to place for streetwear, sneakers and Music features. for over 6 years. 

We focus on breaking new talent out of the traps that mainstream media lay for creatives and overcoming the barriers that these traps, stereotypes and black balling acts can cause.

Trapped Magazine

Our merchandise was born in 2017 and has been a key part of our marketing strategy to make people aware that there is a culturally aware platform out here grinding to keep the culture pushing forward. With the customers help and the help of everybody that cops the merch and posts it on socials we are able to keep putting money back into the magazine and providing more opportunities for our platform to grow.